Promoting a generation of emotionally intelligent children and youth.

Emotional Leadership Program for Youth

The «Vuelo de la Cometa«
program is a model that trains, equips and empowers students and facilitators in emotional leadership skills and strategies for success.


Contribute to developing the infinite potential that humans have, to increase their well-being and social progress.

Our Values




What is "El Vuelo de la Cometa"?

Is an emotional intelligence and leadership program to promote emotional health, peace and quality education for school children and youth. «El Vuelo de la Cometa» solves at its core problems such as school dropout and school violence. The program creates a positive learning environment to develop student leaders through a hybrid training system: face-to-face and online.

The program is based on a train the trainers’ model for educators and school community members. It includes an initial and final impact measurement to know the results achieved in terms of changes observed in students.

How is the content organized?

Module I:


It contains four sections that covers personal identity and emotional intelligence. It begins with the recognition and strengthening of their personal identity, talents, culture, values, and beliefs.

Module II:

Paradigm Shift

Is designed for students to identify the benefits of being flexible towards change and to assume responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Module III:

Emotional leadership and life planning

Tools are given for students to start planning their future through a life project.

Who is it for?

Children and youth aged 12-17 years old, attending middle school & high school.

What are the goals of the program?

Increased self-knowledge in facilitators and students, acknowledgement of their leadership skills and potential they possess

Decrease violence by eliminating the idea that violence has value or can be used a mechanism of dominance, leadership, or control.

Increase the ability to exercise new leadership skills based on empathy.

The program contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals and reach the 2030 Agenda.

We support the mental and emotional health of young people through our programs.
We collaborate to reach quality education for all children.
We contribute to the reduction of violence in youth through our programs.